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   Let our marketing department use your home as part of our advertising plan and you can save lots of money. We have found that our exquisite work sells itself, and that happy customer make for great salespeople. It's a simple concept. If we leave you thrilled about how great your metal roof looks (and how great the price was), you're going to tell your friends and family. 

   We will use your home for things like before and after photos, manufacturer's brochures, website pictures, print advertisements, yard signs, etc. Showcase Homes are also featured in home and garden magazines and trade publications. This non-traditional advertising saves everyone time and money, and we all pass the savings on to you.  This is a limited time promotion, so don't wait. Fill out our contact form or call 888-822-1015.

Be part of our 2016 "Metal Roofing Showcase of Homes."

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